What is Sexual Wellness and PRP?

Sex is still an ongoing issue not relatively easy to open up to our health care providers about. Often times this is ignored and important questions do not get asked and therefore go unanswered. For cutting edge procedures and concepts, your doctor needs to have a futuristic perspective and have empathy for men and women who have symptoms that were repressed and ignored for years. Loss of libido and sexual desire has led to restlessness, but now new innovative procedures like the PRP injections used in stem cell therapy have emerged in the past year.

What is PRP?

Platelet Rich Plasma is the clear part of the serum extracted from whole blood peripherally removed through venipuncture. For many years dentists have used this plasma for dental implant procedures and today it's being used in exciting new ways. The science behind it lies in the presence of growth factors, fibroblasts and collagen-rich substances found in the plasma that, when activated using calcium chloride, trigger stimulus to promote and enhance these cells to form new growth stem cells and rejuvenate areas where it is injected.