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Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

What can you do to improve your ED?

Many men suffering from some form of ED often revert to oral medications such as Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and others to improve erections in response to sexual stimulation. After you’ve had a physical examination from your physician to rule out any major medical conditions that may be contributing to your ED such as kidney disease, type II diabetes, heart and blood vessel disease or even penile injury and you still have ED, you may want to consider an alternative, natural treatment.

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Success with new, natural therapies

We are seeing even greater improvement in our ED patients with plasma therapy (PRP) combined with our latest treatment, pulse wave therapy. These two treatments together help our ED patients achieve faster results because they combine natural approaches—not drugs.

Eclipse Med’s eVIVE

Eclipse Med’s eVIVE

Why we use plasma therapy to treat ED

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is blood plasma enriched with platelets containing fibroblast, collagen and growth factors, and is used to stimulate repair in various parts of the body. The treatment involves taking the patient's blood and using a two-stage centrifuge to separate the platelet-rich plasma from the red blood cells and platelet-poor plasma. The resulting PRP is injected as a Priapus-Shot (P-Shot) into the penile region to stimulate cell growth and blood flow.

To enhance the lasting effects of the PRP treatment, we use Eclipse’s eVIVE™ pulse wave therapy, a non-invasive treatment that provides relief from aches and pain as well as increased blood flow throughout the penile region. Because the eVIVE pulse wave therapy is targeted at the penile region, it is able to deliver energy to tissue and increase the penetration of PRP treatments.


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Eclipse eVIVE

It’s easy, fast and affordable

Our ED treatments may also include an evaluation of your hormone panel to assess whether imbalanced hormones may be contributing to your ED. Our hormone treatments are also natural, as we only use bioidenticals in our hormone replacement therapy.

ED treatments typically follow this schedule:

  • Complimentary consultation with Dr. Magsino to see if you’re a candidate for ED treatments

  • Bloodwork to assess hormone levels with recommended balancing if necessary

  • PRP procedure which includes a one-time blood draw, centrifuging and injection

  • A series eVIVE pulse wave therapy treatments over the course of six weeks

Your office visits are fast and easy so you can get on with your day and experience no measurable downtime following each treatment. In fact, many patients achieve noticeable results the day of treatment.


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