Understanding Sex Stem Cell Therapy for Women


Female Sexual Dysfunction is present in about 30-50% of women and in the US alone 50 million women have problems resulting from inability to achieve orgasm or painful sexual intercourse due to decreased lubrication. 10% have hypoactive sexual desire due to loss of libido and stress incontinence after childbirth. By using PRP, or stem cell therapy, to aid in the rejuvenation of the female organs has proven to increase the quality of orgasms, natural lubrication and improve the overall sex experience.

How does it work? First, a topical anesthetic is applied at the site of injection prior to the PRP procedure. The use of Plasma Rich Platelet (PRP) drawn from a woman's blood is injected to the clitoral and vaginal mucosa, or G-Spot, after applying a local anesthetic. This non-surgical procedure uses growth factors that will stimulate vaginal and clitoral rejuvenation leading to activate heightened orgasm system.

Injecting PRP is helpful to these areas because they are directly involved in the ability of a woman to climax and reach orgasm. Oxytocin is a substance released as a woman reaches climax with effects including relaxation and relief of stress among many others. Blood flow is vital to growth so after the procedure, a woman is instructed to use a medical device (vibrator) to ensure continued stimulus and nourishment at the clitoral and vaginal mucosa.